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Background: Had an old dell poweredge SC440 with a few 2TB drives housing my CD and DVD backups on a headless server in my closet. System was running Windows Server for years, but it all of a sudden reported to not be genuine (was installed on machine when I acquired it from a friend of a friend).

Figured since the software was bogus and seemed to kinda run a bit slow anyway, and my needs are extremely basic- figured would be a perfect time to install ubuntu as the server OS and learn a little bit. Might have been a bit optimistic...

What I've done so far: Installed server but immediately found myself a bit stymied by my lack of post-dos command line experience. Added the ubuntu desktop. Tried to share the volumes similar to on a windows system (right click drive, properties). Seemed to work (showed shared through the ubuntu desktop interface) but didn't show up on network when browsing with windows client.

Found tutorials on setting up Samaba server and manually edited samba/smb.conf files via command line to set security, allow guests, added path to /srv/samba/share

Where I'm at now: I have a couple issues which I'm not sure how to address:

1) Windows boxes see the netbios name (soundserve) in the list of computers on the network, however I cannot ever connect to it (no user/pass combination works).

2) I can MANUALLY navigate to it using the IP Address but it still requires login credentials. When I login I have to prefix the username with a domain, in this case the IP address of the server again- the netbios name will not work.

3) The biggest and most immediate problem is when I restarted the machine, the 3 volumes I want to share are no longer mounted. Even looking at the drives on directly on the ubuntu machine says "Unable to mount. Not Authorized" Figured I probably need to solve that first before dealing with shares and permissions!

Can anyone help me overcome my unmounted drive issue to start with and then help me configure the Samba settings to allow me to access my media on Windows clients??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, if there is some place better to ask online, and tips would be appreciated.

All the tutorials I've found for this seem to tell you what to type and what to edit and change in config files BUT not always specifically explaining what the settings are doing so I feel like I'm not really learning much.

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help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab should help you with persistent disk mounting. –  moon.musick Jul 31 '13 at 15:30
Also, if you are not concerned with security, i.e. have only trusted users in the network, you might set up anonymous Samba sharing (so that all users able to connect are authorized to use shares). My home NAS with Ubuntu Server is running with anonymous Samba and specific IP-bound NFS for serveral years now. Samba authentication and authorization is really PITA. –  moon.musick Jul 31 '13 at 15:34
I THOUGHT I did do allow guests by setting security = share and creating a guest ok = yes line in the path I setup. Also did the hosts allow = - Is there any walkthrough for this config you'd recommend because I feel like the one I followed didn't help. –  Vince Tennant Jul 31 '13 at 15:54
I am by no means an expert on Samba sharing, so I am not sure about the impact of some settings. The only related directive I see in the config I am using is usershare allow guests = Yes in the [global] section. –  moon.musick Jul 31 '13 at 22:16

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