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I recently installed 12.04 onto a iMAC G5 2.1 GHz PPC. The install went fine and I am able too successfully boot, however upon boot I only see a black screen with a mouse pointer.

My issue is the same as:

I have tried all of the suggested boot parameters but to no avail. When I attempt to enter terminal and logon, the mouse icon goes away and I think I am logged in, however the system will not respond to any commands to force the display mode.

I believe my issue is, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix it given the fact I cannot see anything and the terminal commands I am attempting to do without a monitor are not working. Please help!



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Use the following yaboot parameters in this order.

  • "Linux single debug nosplash b43.blacklist=yes" No quotes

When you get to Single user mode:

  • Connect cable to ethernet port and configure with ifconfig if needed.

  • sudo apt-get install linux-image-powerpc64-smp

  • Wait for updates to finish

  • sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer

  • wait for update to finish

  • sudo reboot

Let system boot and hopefully you can see the screen and logon.

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