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Not a Noob of WIndows,, just a new User of Ubuntu.. I want to use Ubuntu to Create An ANdroid ROM for my Mobile from source.. and i need like 100GB+ space for all the files.

Question 1 Installation and Partitioning

i have 2 hard disk on my HP dragon 9450 Laptop. 300GB each.

C Drive and D Drive.. C Drive has Windows 8 Installed. and is 230 GB Free. D Drive has all my documents/files etc.. Has 70GB Free (nothing to do with Installation)

I want to Partition my C Drive.. into C Drive 150GB and lets Say U Drive 150 GB

and Install Ubuntu on U Drive 150GB.. if I do this and Install Ubuntu 13.04.. will my Windows be affected.. will it be Gone or wt ?? From where shall I do the partitioning.. so that Ubuntu Installer can see it.. I use Windows Disk Management Tool

And also.. How do I recognize my exact Partition as Ubuntu does not show names.. it shows SDA etc when installing in Ubuntu..

WHen i use the Install next to WIndows 8 option in Ubuntu.. it does not let me SLIDE the SLider past 75GB .. which sometimes makes me think.. its talking about my D drive and will install their.

Neither does it show me the WIndows and Ubuntu Names so i know which side is which !!

Question 2 Ubuntu Boot Problems

I cannot boot Ubuntu.. i don't have gefi guei wteva that is on my laptop. my laptop is from 2008. but Ubuntu does not boot from USB. neither lets me Install. i started playing with the setting of F6 .. and i ticked.. noapic and nolapic i think its only then Ubuntu live boots.. but my CPU fan starts spinning like crazy all the time LiveUSB Ubuntu is running..

Regular temp is like 51 Degree C'.. it brings it to about 60 Degree C' what can i do regarding this..

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Your windows8 won't be affected! Shrink your C drive volume for desired size to install Ubuntu later. You can use windows8 features (here) or install a partitioning tool on your Win8 to make free (unlocated) space on your hard disk. sda -> your first hard disk; sda1 means: your first drive (partition) on your first hard disk; sda2: second partition on 1st hard disk; sdb -> the second hard disk, etc. If you plug a USB flash, it may be recognize as sdc. If you have a DVD-Rom, try it to boot Ubuntu. –  mini Jul 31 '13 at 4:59
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! It is better to post separate questions instead of combining your questions into one. That way, it helps the people answering your question and also others hunting for at least one of your questions. Thanks! –  David Edwards Jul 31 '13 at 7:59

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