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I have been using Ubuntu for around 6 months and I am having an issue with bluetooth.

I have a bluetooth dongle on my pc and bought some bluetooth speakers. I have paired the devices but when I try to connect using bluetooth manager - it says stream setup failed.

I have browsed the internet for hours and can't get it to work.

I did have it working when I first bought the speakers but I can't get it working again now. It works on my windows laptop and android phone just not ubuntu. I also cannot see bluetooth as an output for sound, again this was working when i first used it, but I jsut cannot get it working again.

I am using ubuntu 13.04

I consider myself to be a ubuntu novice, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


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I'm having the same problem. Oddly enough, the same hardware is able to connect to the same bluetooth speaker with no problem at all when running Ubuntu 12.10. I think something changed in the Bluetooth implementation on 13.04, but I can't figure out what it is.

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