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I've been using the GNOME classic desktop environment for Ubuntu 12.04 for a while now, and after installing conky, I've realized that the taskbars make it look cluttered. Are there any tweaking programs that can hide/remove/change the top or bottom taskbar, or a different desktop enviorment overall?

I've tried openbox and XMonad, but I could never configure it right, so a more easily-configured environment would be nice, or just the GNOME manipulator.

(NOTE: I've tried gnome-tweak, not extensive enough)



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Super + Alt + click 3 (right click) on a panel will offer a menu with :

  • new panel
  • remove this panel
  • add objects to this panel
  • properties

Super + Alt + click 3 on an object will offer a menu with :

  • move the object on the panel or to another panel
  • remove it

click 3 on the objects will give you their preferences.

If you create a new panel you can add the unity panel area unity panel area just add indicator applet complete

indicator applet complete

Have fun :D

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