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trying to monitor the boot process by listening to all the events in test.conf as well want to add time stamp information to the emitted event.

From cookbook, tried recording the events as follows but still it doesn't work. Note:using 0.3.11 version of upstart.

start on (startup or starting or started or stopping )

exec 1>>/tmp/test.log echo "Job=$UPSTART_JOB process:$UPSTART_JOB_PROCESS" 
end script

Issue is 1)when i have combined events like above for start on, my script doesnt seems to be running at all,, where as if i keep only one event e.g start on starting, it seems to be recording the event, is there anything wrong in the syntax, does it work this way in 0.3.11 version of upstart?

2)how do I record the job which gets executed when certain event was emitted with time stamp?

Note: how can i do this without having added --verbose or --debug parameters.

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I got the first issue working, in 0.3.11 start on stanza works as follows start on startup start on starting –  Shilpa Jabin Jul 30 '13 at 12:28
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