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So I had Ubuntu studio version 12.10 on my Toshiba laptop before it was stolen out of my car unfortunately. I would like to install Ubuntu studio on my other Toshiba which is currently using regular ubuntu 13.10.

So I downloaded the OS created a boot-able version using the disk creator after I formatted the thumb drive of course. I also have it set to set aside 4 GB of space for the boot-able drive. So over all it should take about 6 GB of space which is OK, I have a 16 GB thumb drive.

I went into the my laptops set up, made the change to make it so it can boot from USB before looking at the hard disk. Seemed OK at first Ubuntu studio started up and asked if I just wanted to try Ubuntu studio or install. I hit install it starts loading, but then the spinning ring around Ubuntu studio stops spinning and it just hangs there. I left it alone for a couple hours.

Came back and still same screen just hanging. Even if I just select try Ubuntu studio without installing figuring with the extra space I gave the OS on thumb drive I can still work on it, but same thing. I went ahead and started the whole process over again. Formatted the thumb drive re-downloaded Ubuntu studio 12.04 installed it to the thumb drive again with 4gb of space and same thing again.

Just hangs before it can bring up the setup after asking if I wanted to install. Any suggestions? I am using a Toshiba satellite C655D. It's a lower model satellite than my last laptop but is a newer machine. If I can't get it to install I guess I can try regular Ubuntu 12.04 but I really liked Ubuntu studio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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