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I am running 12.10 on an intel NUC i3 as a media box for XBMC. Since XBMC likes to crash on me when streaming, how can I map a button on my MCE remote to reboot the system? Based on another post here, I create a file called .lircrc in my home folder and put this:

 prog = rawcontrol
 button = Teletext
 config = power

and added this to my /etc/rc.local

ircat rawcontrol | (while read line
        if [ "x$line" = "xpower" ]; then
done) & 

but that didnt seem to do anything. I also tried creating a folder called .lirc and move the .lircrc file into it reading another post somewhere saying that was necessary. That didnt work either. Anything I am missing?

Thanks for the help. Ernie

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