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In Xubuntu 13.04 there is a Show Desktop panel plugin.

I'd like to make a keyboard shortcut for this functionality.

How can I activate Show Desktop with a terminal command?

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Ah, found it for Xubuntu! No terminal command is needed.

The shortcut is in Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard.

Window Manager screenshot

Originally I was only looking in Settings Manager > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts, thinking I needed to know the terminal command to use Show Desktop to apply it to a keyboard shortcut, but looks like I don't need to know the terminal command after all.

Thank you for your help, sorry for the confusion~

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There is a tutorial which can be found at

This allows you to command line any key strokes like Ctrl+Alt+d or whatever keystrokes you want.

I believe that there may be a better way, I'll keep looking...

Nothing yet....

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