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I want to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS using Wubi. I already have Windows xp in my system. I want to add Ubuntu (Wubi) for dual boot. My system is like this:

  • Windows (C:) 19 Gb (free=2GB)
  • Drive 2 (D:) 19 Gb (free=19Gb) >> I want to install wubi ubuntu here.
  • Drive 3 (E:) 17 Gb (free=10Gb)
  • Drive 4 (F:) 17 Gb (free=10Gb)

My only concern is if I choose installation drive as D: instead of C:, then will I still be able to boot into Windows?

Also if I use Wubi, will my bootloader get overwritten?

Also, does an install using Wubi cause an Ubuntu environment that requires more system resources than usual?

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For LiveCD installation

When installing Ubuntu, choose the option to install alongside Windows.

The Windows bootloader will be changed from the Windows Bootloader to Grub. This is a third pary loader which searches your hard disk drives looking for different Operating Systems and should see both you windows and Ubuntu installations.

For wubi installation

It should be straight forward with no problems.

To see a video tutorial visit YouTube

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Thank you, but in wubi screenshots, i can't see the install alongside Windows option anywhere?? – Quirk Jul 28 '13 at 11:42
Take a look at the extra info I added at the bottom of my answer. – SimplySimon Jul 28 '13 at 11:50

If your talking about the Windows installer, Wubi, I believe it should be fine installing it in D:, and it should't mess up your bootloader.

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