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This is driving me nuts...

Wubi.exe is running with a perfect copy (MD5 checked) of Ubuntu 12.04.2 Desktop AMD64 alongside. Yet it does not detect it somehow, and attempts to download a fresh copy. My internet is terrible for downloading at the moment, and I need the installation as soon as possible.

Log output

Note: the lines

07-28 15:55 DEBUG  TaskList: ## Running get_iso...
07-28 15:55 DEBUG  CommonBackend: Could not find any ISO or CD, downloading one now

Anyone want to help me?

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They changed the kernel from vmlinuz to vmlinuz.efi from release 12.04.1. So the only way to get around this is to use the patched revision 273 of wubi.exe for Ubuntu 12.04.2 here:

It was patched and built, but the fix was only released for 13.04 and not 12.04.2 for some reason. (See

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Thank you sooo much! – ains Jul 28 '13 at 7:38

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