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Witch Nvidia driver should I be using for gaming under wine ?

I ask this question after installing one of my favourite games ,sins of a solar empire, in wine. The game seems to run fine, its not to graphic intensive and my gpu is good and quick, but the problem I found was I could not change the resolution and it only listed random refresh rates like 42hz and 57hz and then after a restart I could not start the game with out unity been displayed as well so I figure it could be drivers.

Is there a preferred driver (Im using 310 tested) also is the driver from the nvidia site better ?

And finally where did wine tricks go ? I cant find it in the repo any more.

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The ones at the nvidia website are probably newer, but I don't think you'd notice the difference, and from my experience, you should stick with the proprietary drivers in the repositories, as they are easier to install/update/remove and you're less likely to have any problems. The problem's you're describing are most likely related to Wine than with the GPU drivers. Do check the WineHQ entry and try it with PlayOnLinux.

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Thanks for the response I will keep the 310 stable driver then and check out play on linux – Mark Kirby Jul 27 '13 at 16:27

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