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I am trying to mount my Motorola W418G mobile phone with a USB cable, Ubuntu 13.04 and Nautilus File Manager 3.6.3. I keep getting the following system message:

unable to mount 14.0 gb file system

So apparently it sees something. When I run lsusb, the phone is not in the list, and fdisk -l shows only system drives. So far, and as the result of reading the Ubuntu Forum, I have installed; upgraded MTP and added two required libraries, libc6 and libmtp9, the system tells me both are up to date. Now, with Ubuntu 12.10, both in KDE and Gnome, I just plugged in the cable, pressed mass storage on the phone and presto: the whole file system loaded into the file manager with full access. After clean install of Ubuntu 13.04, nothing! I can't change my music files! Obviously I'm missing something along the way.

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