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I connect from Ubuntu 13.04 (Gnome) to Windows 7 through TeamViewer

  • TeamViewer Windows - 8.0.19617
  • TeamViewer Ubuntu -

The 'Send Key' combination option in TeamViewer is enabled. Ctrl-Alt keys don't work. If I press Ctrl-Alt, I can select the open windows in Ubuntu, but not in Windows 7 on remote.

What is the problem?

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If you use "Show position of pointer when the Control key is pressed" (mouse and touchpad settings) try to disable it. It did the trick for me...

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In windows you mean? – Andrey Vorobyev Nov 9 '13 at 7:50
If you are running Ubuntu, go to "Preferences > Mouse & Touchpad" and turn OFF "Show position of pointer when the Control key is pressed". This fixed it for me and I can now copy/paste remotely to Windows. – Piers Dec 17 '15 at 3:08

In Windows, you might have issues if you are using VirtuaWin. Alt + Tabing worked until I used Ctrl + to switch desktops. Then keyboard shortcuts started failing. I think the problem has to do with other programs listening to system-wide keystrokes, so go through your programs to see which one might be causing the issue.

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