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I would like to know a handy command to search for some strings in multiple plain text files and show the line number where it matchs in the output. ie:

grep -r 'hello' --include=*.js ¿?


base.js  [4]
base.js  [13]
utils.js [27]


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Use -n as an option to grep. Or combine them in one with recursive mode, e.g.:

grep -rn pattern path/to/folder

As the manpage of grep says:

   -n, --line-number
          Prefix  each  line of output with the 1-based line number
          within its input file.  (-n is specified by POSIX.)

Example output:

temp/openssh/openssh-6.0p1/sshconnect2.c:1468:  sent = send_pubkey_test(authctxt, id);
                                         ||||----- Line number
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