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An image is worth a thousand words:

enter image description here

I haven't noticed it for any other site that the Stack Exchange network. (Maybe it is just coincidence as it is not consistent).

If I leave it alone it goes away (I think) but as soon as I roll over it, it definitely goes away.

Has anybody encountered this before?

Thanks in advance!

Is this questions for Super User?

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I have encountered this before, but it only seems to happen for a fraction of a second before it goes away. I'm guessing it's because chrome uses a static image with all of the animation frames in it, and doesn't clip it properly on rare occasions. No idea of a fix, but it's a minor issue (for me, at least).

Things to try:

  1. Switch Chrome channels. There's a dev channel and a stable channel, last I checked, and it is quite possible that only one of them has the issue.
  2. Chromium might not have the issue.
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It's not a stack-exchange specific bug, as I've seen it on different websites. I've had that issue recently (i.e. the last week) so it's a new bug.

A workaroud that works for me is to switch tab and switch back again. Can you confirm if that has an effect?

To resolve it, you can change channel as said above: You can find more information on channels on this webpage:

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