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I am using a sony pen drive format FAT32 to burn the image of ubuntu 13 using Live USB creator. When i boot and choose the USB:HDD as the boot device - it brings a blank screen and a blinking cursor at the top. Nothing happens from then on. I have determined the problem to be with the Flash Drive using still another syslinux.cfg. What do I do?

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First check integrity of .iso file that you downloaded with comparing md5sum. Use unetbootin to make bootable flash drive.

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im not sure what is live USB creator but its better to use a software called USB pen drive linux

a simple, quick and easy tool as 1,2,3

use the steps below to boot ubuntu installer using USB drive with easy way

firstly, as said, do integrity check, and then make a copy of all data on USB drive if any, and download this :

install this program and run it, choose your ISO copy and some other options, and choose your USB stick and let it go

it will decompress the ISO into normal filea making it bootable

booting from the ISO itself wont since it will load only the first few files

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