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I need some help. I'm trying to setup a kolab sever to be used by computer science students at my college, starting this fall. I had a bit of some trouble setting up ldap, bur after some experimenting it finally worked. Now I'm having trouble installing kolab.


sudo apt-get install kolab


dpkg: error processing kolab-cli (--configure):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of kolab-server:
 kolab-server depends on pykolab (= 0.5.11-5); however:
  Package pykolab is not configured yet.


dpkg: error processing kolab-saslauthd (--configure):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:

How can I fix this?

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I would suggest you to follow instalation instructions from here

because few people over there are saying they can't get working kolbag v. 2.x on ubuntu, but kolab 3.x is working

and! ubntu is not a priority for them, you can try to use openSUSE as server, I guess..

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well, this is your point of view, anyway, thanks – Rodislav Jul 25 '13 at 15:18

It's more than 10 days that I'm working on installing Kolab on ubuntu, but with no success. I used the guide on its site, but it's not working at all. I did the following works:

  1. Adding the following addresses to sources.list

  2. After that, I make preferences at /etc/apt/preferences and add the following lines to it: Package: * Pin: origin Pin-Priority: 501

  3. Then update the repository sudo apt-get update. Everythings up to here going true.

  4. The problems appear here, when installing the Kolab, sudo apt-get install kolab. The errors are exactly like your ones.

  5. For a solution I installed aptitude, sudo apt-get aptitude.

  6. Then run the following command: sudo aptitude install kolab. The following lines appear in terminal:
    enter image description here
    that I accepted it by entering Y and everythings going to install.

  7. Finally, after some moments everythings installed, but according the chapter 4 of guide for running setup-kolab, it prompt me that command not found.
    enter image description here

I don't know what to do, That's all of my experiences.

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Finally by the above solution I installed it on Debian 7.01, But again and again trying on Ubuntu 12.04 is failed. – Mohsen Gh. Jul 28 '13 at 9:04

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