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I have three Linux machines running Ubuntu/Mint14 12.04. I recently began testing Mint15 on one computer. After installing Mint15 I recopied my an exact backup copy of the UbuntuOne folder (2.4gb x 5,202 files) on to the newly formated hard-drive (Mint15 installed and works perfectly).

When I put the new Mint15 PC online UbuntuOne immediately deleted all of the UbuntuOne files on the test computer and started copying the same files down from the cloud (very very slowly I might add!)!

Seven hours later(!) the test computer was back to the correct UbuntuOne size and number of files (this is an Internet connection that routinely test at 22 mbs or faster).

Unfortunately I was using one of the other computer at the same time and it also deleted all of the files in its UbuntuOne folder and it spent about seven hours also copying the exact same files from the cloud! These two computers are in the same location.

Now here is the real problem. The third computer is now in a location where I used very expensive cellphone-data to connect to the Internet and which I use for very limited Internet access. I have had UbuntuOne on this computer for several years with no problems since the initial installation (the PC was then connected to a wired Internet connection).

I have turned off UbuntuOne on this computer because I cannot afford to have 2.4 gbs of data downloaded unnecessarily!

How can I avoid having a computer connected to the UbuntuOne cloud delete the perfectly correct UbuntuOne folder and re-download it from the cloud? This computer still needs to be in sync with my two other computers.

All help and comments Greatly Appreciated!

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