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I am trying to build Android from sources on Ubuntu 13.04, yet there are numerous issues:

  1. Setting up the environment issues (wrong tool chains)
  2. Compilation/Build errors
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It's OK now, but you could edit your original question instead of deleting. I think I lose my vote. – Danatela Jul 25 '13 at 10:10
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After having spent an entire day setting up the environment and building Android from its sources; I want to share the useful information that I found floating around.

My system is an Asus S56C (i7-3537U) with 4GB RAM. I downloaded the master branch, which at this time is android-4.0.1_r1

The first thing to do, is to set up the environment. This is clearly explained in There are three things to pay attention to:

  1. While gives the option of using make 3.81 - 3.82, the build will fail if you don't have 3.81 set. Therefore, this is the one you should use.
  2. I initially installed openjdk-6-jre, however this was the wrong version of the jre. Following this link, I installed oracle-java6-installer instead
  3. There is a typo on the section about configuring the ccache. It should read prebuilt/misc/linux-x86/ccache/ccache -M 50G

The following is a list of links form which I derived the changes to the source/make files that'll follow.

  1. [GUIDE] Building CyanogenMod 9 from Source with openSuSE 12.1.
  2. Fix for Dalvik compile error on CyanogenMod 9
  3. Debian Bug report logs
  4. lenario bug report
  5. Building Android 4.0.4 (Master branch) on Arch Linux 64-bit

As a result, the following changes were made:

  1. On line 31 of frameworks/base/tools/aapt/, add -fpermissive

    LOCAL_CFLAGS += -Wno-format-y2k -fpermissive
  2. On line 64 of frameworks/base/libs/utils/, add -fpermissive

  3. On line 183 of frameworks/base/libs/rs/, add -fpermissive

    LOCAL_CFLAGS += -Werror -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-unused-variable -fpermissive
  4. On line 22 of frameworks/compile/slang/, remove -Werror

    local_cflags_for_slang := -Wno-sign-promo -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter
  5. On line 125 of frameworks/compile/linkloader/, replace LOCAL_LDFLAGS with LOCAL_LDLIBS

      -lpthread \
  6. On line 94 of external/oprofile/libpp/format_output.h, remove the specifier mutable

  7. on line 41 of external/gtest/include/gtest/internal/gtest-param-util.h, after #include <vector>, add #include <stddef.h>

  8. On lines 52 and 71 of external/gtest/src/, add -fpermissive

    LOCAL_CFLAGS += -O0 -fpermissive 
    LOCAL_CFLAGS += -O0 -fpermissive
  9. On line 25 of development/tools/emulator/opengl/, add -fpermissive

    EMUGL_COMMON_CFLAGS := -DWITH_GLES2 -fpermissive
  10. After line 7 of development/tools/emulator/opengl/host/renderer/, add new line

    LOCAL_LDLIBS += -lX11

I hope that this makes your life easier when building Android.

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