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So I bought a used laptop and set up the latest version of Ubuntu on it. I initially set it up with a user profile and password for myself, but decided to give the computer away to a friend who needed it. I created her profile without a password, and then deleted my profile. She lives far away and has told me she has no admin rights, and cannot install a plug-in that she needs. We both don't know a lot about computers or Ubuntu. What instructions can I give her so that she can gain admin rights and be allowed to install software?

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I suggest using the command line to try to restore the admin rights. Look at this site: Create an administrator user in command line

If that doesn't work, try reinstalling ubuntu completely, I don't think a user can forcefully give themselves admin rights without the admin doing it. You could try creating a new user with the admin rights as well, it's in the same webpage up there.

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