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I was watching one of the videos and I think I worked out that the only way to get an Edge is if you pledge.

Can someone tell me if I have misunderstood?

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currently yes and that too is contingent upon successful funding of the project. –  mythealias Jul 24 '13 at 15:05

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You understood it correctly. if you donate at least 600$ (22.07.2013) you can get one. this price is climbing up right now, as far as i know.

Donation starts at 20$...if you just want to support

for more information i recommend you this page:

Edge Plegde News

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According to the Indiegogo page itself: (emphasis mine)

The Ubuntu Edge is an exclusive production run, available only through Indiegogo. All of the funding we receive goes directly towards producing the device for expected delivery in May 2014. The only pockets getting filled by this campaign will be yours when the handset arrives.

So, yes. It's exclusive only to this campaign (but this only applies to the Ubuntu Edge device itself, not the Ubuntu Touch operating system it will run - that will be available on other handsets on the market in the future)

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