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Every time I try to open the examples tab on the welcome screen, the SDK opens 3 transparent/blank windows that get in the way and are not closable. There are also no examples in the SDK when the tutorial says there should be.

EDIT: Version: qtcreator 2.7.1-0ubuntu1~precise1~test15

I also have all of the add-ons installed.

  • The GNU Debugger (gbd)
  • Documentation for QT Creator IDE (qtcreater-doc)
  • Cross-platform, open-source make system (cmake)
  • Fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (git)
  • KMailService (kdelibs5-data)
  • QT Quick 1 development files (qtquick1-5-dev)
  • QT Quick 1 tools (qtquick1-5-dev-tools)
  • Advanced version control system (subversion)
  • Ubuntu SDK (ubuntu-sdk)
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