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I finally got the DVD Kubuntu 13.04 to start properly in UEFI, but I still have the problem of the Video shutting off my monitor during installation.

When I click on "Install Ubuntu", or on "Check disk for errors" options on the options menu screen, a few seconds later, as install begins, the monitor shuts off and does not wake up again. If I shut off the monitor and turn it back on again, it gives the "No signal" error message.

I have a home-built system:

ASRock P7 Extremee4 Gen3 motherboard with the Intel P67 chipset.

Intel i5 CPU - not overclocked, underclocked or otherwise modified.

Two nVidia 560Ti graphics cards in SLI configuration.

I'm attempting to do a dual boot of Win7 and Kubuntu on a RAID in an external hard drive enclosure. I installed Win7 in it, and booted it from this RAID array successfully, but I can't get Ubuntu/Kubuntu installed because of the monitor shutting off issue. The same issue comes up if I try to install Kubuntu onto the internal hard drives (single drives not in RAID).

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