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So I got fglrx and ATI drivers from the website mixed up. I wanted to update my laptop ATI Radeon HD 3430 drivers through Ubuntu so they would work at their best performance but in the end I managed to get the system stuck on purple screen.

I tried a lot of things but nothing worked until when I finally tried "startx" from the Ctrl + Alt + F1 ttyl and it said command not found I found a solution that said: "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop". WHen I did that and then tried startx again, the desktop appeared, BUT it was a fresh desktop!! and it also seemed my folders were gone, like it was a new user account.

1) How do I undo this and get my old desktop back?

2) How to do I finally restore the original (from the installation) Ubuntu 12.04 drivers for my graphics card?

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