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I need some help.

I've scoured the internet and don't know what else to do, so I hope that someone can assist me with the issue that I am having with my Mumble VOIP server murmur.

Since the most recent update the SuperUser account can no longer log into it locally. In attempting to connect to the server using on an Ubuntu 12.04 32bit system, It initially tells me about the certificate error and asks me if I want to continue to allow it to connect.

No matter what I select, it will not allow the SuperUser on the server to log in at all. The server is online, and other folks can connect to it but not the SuperUser at all.

I've deleted the certificate that it set up for that account initially from the Documents directory, still won't work.

I am going to try to connect from another machine as that account to see if it will work, but right now I'm pulling out fistfuls of hair, and going bald rapidly. =)

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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