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I have a Lenovo E525 laptop with Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS (latest updates). There is a lock button (2nd above the numpad). Lenovo E525 keyboard

Of course, I wanted to set the Lock screen function to that button. I opened the Keyboard settings, Hotkeys tab, clicked on set another hotkey. I pressed that button above that numpad. It was set to "Super + L", but when I try to lock the screen, it does various things:

  • Opens the Dash only, nothing else
  • Pastes "l" when there is active input field
  • Nothing
  • In very rare occasions, after various presses it lock the screen, but before that it opens Dash again

If I set an other shortcut, eg. Ctrl + Shift + Í (it is an unused shortcut with a common, special Hungarian character - but it will accept any other normal shortcut character).

The question is, how to set that button to lock the screen all the time, without any problem? (If it is not possible, any other solutions?)


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