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I have tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 on my HP Proliant ML350e Gen8 Raid 5 server. While installing, it produced a fatal error on my monitor.

Please note I have bought 3 servers in the same specifications:

I have installed the same Ubuntu 12.04 on two servers and configured all my applications and they are working fine, but when configuring the 3rd server, I get stuck with this problem.

Please can you help me with this issue.

One thing I have heard from various sites is that Ubuntu 12.04 will not support the same server. Is this correct?

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Please expand your post with what the "fatal error" is. Seems that you already know that the RAID in BIOS is not supported. The server is supported in 12.04, and should be supported in the next LTS release as well - with the limitation of not supporting the BIOS RAID likely remaining in effect. –  douggro Jul 23 '13 at 18:53
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