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What is the most useful hotkeys on ubuntu desktop ? (for show all windows at the same time, change between programs,...)

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On Ubuntu 10.10 and early versions

To see all windows at the same time : superkey(win key) + w

To see all Desktops at the same time : superkey(win key) + e

change between programs: Alt + Tab

The default ubuntu shortcuts see this: Ubuntu Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

To Define a shortcut see this post answer create a shortcut

On unity Ubuntu 11.04

shows the Unity launcher superkey

Activates or opens the corresponding applications in the Unity launcher superkey + {number}

show all workstations(desktop) superkey + S

To see all open programs on one workstation superkey + W

Here is the a nice documentation of Unity keyboard/mouse shortcuts

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wmctrl is a neat application that can be used to do things like Windows 7 style maximize/left half/right half window movement and resizing shortcuts (or Mac's 2Up.)

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You also can do this graphically with Compiz Settings Manager. – desgua May 15 '11 at 13:04
  1. Run a program: ALT + F2 Ubuntu will show you suggestions, which makes this a very quick way to access your apps instead browsing all the menus
  2. Switch workspace right or left : CTRL + ALT + {ARROW}
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