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There are several questions that I hope the community can assist with:

  1. Is the following approach correct and a recommended best practice?
  2. Would ntpd with the -x option be persistent even after a server crash/reboot?
  3. Are there be any potential points that might have been missed out?

Thanks in advance and best regards!


I am currently in the midst of deploying Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 LTS to a client's live environment, following the instructions found in the official installation guide.

There are several business requirements from the client for ntpd as the system clock will be used for timestamping log files:

  1. The system clock must always be consistent (Stratum 3)
  2. Should the clock be out of sync, it must be adjusted in small increments (aka slew) to avoid inconsistent timestamps that happens during large increments (aka step)

Based upon these, I think that it would be best to run ntpd using

sudo /etc/init.d/ntp reload -x
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