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What are the most common reasons why someone might prefer Windows over Ubuntu? I am a heavy windows user who happens to miss some aspects of the Windows OS whenever I am using Ubuntu. I am just curious about this perspective that others have. In my experience it is the small things that sway me one way or another. I am looking for answers that are not generalizations or opinion, but instead "specific" reasons.

I am not including Mac OSX in this question since it is a Unix relative.

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The main reason imho is vendor lock-in. Microsoft, and other companies producing proprietary software, are usually very careful to stay incompatible with other products, or - heaven forbid - standards (or, they make their own "standards" that are hard or impossible to implement). To be able to read data produced with a proprietary program without issues, one nearly always needs exactly the same program , often even exactly the same version.

The second reason is software availability. Since MS nearly has a monopoly on operating systems, for developers of commercial applications it's very appealing to develop for Windows, and there is very little motivation to develop for other, by far not as widespread operating systems. While it's possible to develop in a nearly platform independent manner, so that porting to GNU/Linux, MacOS or other Systems is little work, it's more work in the beginning, meaning higher costs. Also, Windows comes with many proprietary libraries, which are convenient for developers to use, but not available on other platforms (to overcome this is the goal of the WINE project).

These two factors together often make it challenging to work without Windows and several "must-have" proprietary programs. Of course there are exceptions. For home use, many people will be fine with open source software, and in research, the situation is nearly the opposite (widespread use of Linux based systems and open source tools - yet here the big advantage of well developed open source apps comes into play: they are usually easy to port and therefore available for Windows as well).

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In my opinion, It's a straightforward reason.

Windows have more programs and games that supply needed.

For examples, Call Of Duty,GTA IV, The Sims and a lot more.

These games cannot be played smooth on most Linux environment.

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This answer is too generalized and opinionated without any facts. Can you be more specific (without increasing the length of your answer)? Was there a particular aspect of a certain game that you needed? Was there a certain program you needed? –  djangofan Jul 22 '13 at 20:41

One reason most people prefer Windows over most any OS, is gaming in general and the fact that Windows, though not necessarily easy to use, is what most people are used to using and is in turn more user friendly and easily supported and easy to get help for. It is also well marketed obviously, as every computer except Apple brand computers have a Windows OS. So it's just a matter of what people are used too and programs it runs.

Where as Linux just doesn't support certain formats and programs that most people who use Windows need, it also is fairly difficult to use especially after using Windows for most of one's life and just switching. I'm not new to Ubuntu, but I am just now starting to fluidly use it and there is a lot of learning to do upon switching to a Linux OS especially learning Terminal commands and some people are just lazy, or don't have the time to learn it.

Personally I love Ubuntu, I am fluid user of Mac OSX and Windows and now Ubuntu as well. Out of all three I have specific things I need. I use windows for gaming mostly, not much else, simply cause it is the most supported platform for PC gaming. I use OSX for multimedia and development because in my opinion it works amazingly. Ubuntu I use for my on the go coding and for school, being that Libre Office is free and college is expensive enough as is.

Mostly it's a preference thing though. It depends on what you as a user are trying to do on a computer that makes one OS the truly better than the other. I hold all 3 of them to being highly useful. The concept of Ubuntu being open source, since it is a Linux Distro, to me is just fantastic. It does have it's flaws equally though. Hence why there's a big ask forum for users to get help as there can be many difficulties with installing drivers and GRUB etc. So support, program platform, and preference is what would make a user prefer one to the other.

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