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I had xp on my computer then upgraded to win7, then win7 got corrupted so i installed Ubuntu 12.04. So then i realized i needed windows, so i partitoned my hdd using gparted then i put my xp disc in my computer and once i got to the partiton screen it says unknown 4 times in the box and when i press enter or up and down i get a blue screen regarding my ram. so i checked my ram and thats not the problem. so how do i get the partitions from unknown to the normal partitons so i can install xp on the correct partiton. (i want to keep linux with my computer and also do not want to use virtual box)

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It probably has to do with the way you formatted your partitions. The partitions you want to install Windows on, leave unformatted in gparted then format them using Windows. Not sure this will solve the ram problem though. –  dan08 Jul 22 '13 at 17:01

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