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Im using a script that takes backup and sends status email using sendmail but the emails its sending comes with the to tag empty here is an image of it

Here is the part of the script

    #Email Settings
    Message_Success="Backup generated successfully"
    Message_Failure="Problem occured while generating Backup"

    Subject="Backup Status Mail"

echo "Subject:$Subject\n\n$Message_Failure" | sendmail -F $Sender_Name $Recipients

echo "Subject:$Subject\n\n$Message_Success" | sendmail -F $Sender_Name $Recipients

can it be solved so that I can see who has recieved emails. Thanks.

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I'd put the recipients in the message and use sendmail's -t flag:

#Email Settings
Message_Success="Database Backup generated successfully"
Message_Failure="Problem occured while generating Database Backup please verify"
Subject="Database Backup Status Mail"

sendmail -F $Sender_Name -it <<END_MESSAGE
To: $Recipients
Subject: $Subject

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