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When I select recovery mode from the grub (or burg) menu system starts to boot but stalls after checking usb devices (it seems). Always stops in the same place with no error messages. Ctrl-alt-del causes the process to seem to continue to the "hit Control-D or type root password to enter maintenance(sic)" prompt but by then the system just reboots. I noticed the problem after allowing updates to install and at the next normal reboot the desktop loaded and then the screen when black with nothing but the cursor on it. re-installing the nvidia driver fixed that problem but I had to ctrl-alt-Fn to a console prompt and kill the kdm and X processes before I could reinstall the driver. Now every time there is any kind of update (not even a kernel update) the driver needs to be reinstalled. Being able to boot to recovery mode makes it easier to do so (even though it really doesn't make sense as I'm still running the same kernel) but, alas, I cannot boot to recovery mode. BTW I'm running Mint Linux 14 KDE.

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