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I'm going to build a server for my media files at home. I'm new to Linux so I hope you guys can help me out.

I'm thinking my server should run most of the time, but shut down during the night unless there are some activities going on. Especially if some other computer are using the files on the server or the server is running analysis for the hard drives. Is is possible to write a script or get software for this?

An example:
The server is running and checks after midnight if it should shut down, but there is some downloading that is going on, someone are using files on the server from a different computer or the hard drives are going through a smart monitoring. The server doesn't shut down because there are some activities currently going on, so it will check again after an hour. This time there is nothing going on and the server shuts down. The server turns on later, let's say 8 am.

I found something about checking for activity and shutting server at the answers to this question: Auto shutdown server if there was no activity

Now the problem is how to tell the server it should turn on again at a specific time.

I don't know if it is possible to script the server to turn on again when it has been shut down. If this is the case, the server should standby instead of shut down earlier. Then the script should also reboot the server once a week.

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