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Dear Helper, When inserting the ubuntu 12.4 C.D. within Win 7 it automatically recognizes a C: Ubuntu installation (that it informs is to be deleted before a re-instillation can proceed). If it recognizes that it exists, can be recovered easily?

A Windows data recovery program could not find any trace of Linux.

If I have to delete, then as I am a beginner then it is risky to start shrinking the C: drive. Details:

the dual boot option still remains, but an error message" replaces a Linux boot
Fileubuntu/winboot /wubi lbr.mbr Status OXc000000f app. missing or corrupt

The 4 partitions show the following and the free space tables are something else. On the C; drive it was something like 150 GB. That would I suppose where the folder was installed.

System 199 Mb NTFS OS C: 282.29 GB NTFS Recovery (D:) 15.30 GB NTFS HP TOOS 103 MB FAT 32 Cheers Greenmoon

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Probably you faced this problem. The solution is there, so try to use it and create a new and real installation (dual-boot) of Ubuntu and Windows. Wubi is an alternate Windows installer and is not even a real installation.(more virtual I would say). Read here about wubi. –  NikTh Jul 21 '13 at 23:42

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