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I'm a Canadian, but often get American spelling suggestions from the spell checker in Ubuntu. How do I switch to a Canadian dictionary?

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Marco Ceppi is right about this being based on the locale, but the easiest way to change this is through System -> Administration -> Language Support in the graphical user-interface (it will also make sure all the right packages are installed, etc.).

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Does that mean that the default dictionary for spell check must be the same as the language for the menus and messages? – Rodrigo Jun 26 '15 at 18:57

The spell checker is based on your Locale - if you switch it to en_CA (or en_GB if en_CA is not available) you should be more Canadian like spellings.

Get a list of installed languages with the following:

locale -a

You can view your current selected locale with:


Once you've selected the one which best suites you - you can update it here:

sudoedit /etc/default/locale

Be aware if an entry from locale -a ends with .utf8 it needs to be entered as .UTF-8 in the default locale.

After you make those changes you'll need to reboot for them to apply.

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