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Linux newbie here. I am having great difficulty configuring sound on my PC running Ubuntu 12.04 since trying to use external USB DAC / sound card so that I can play flac files via a hi-fi system.

First try was an Arcam rPAC which I gather is not really all that compatible with Linux. To get this to work at all I had to uninstall Pulse Audio and roll back to Linux version I could then play flac files using Foobar 2000 / Wine but I could find no way of getting web-based sound to function.

So I removed the rPAC and used a Behringer UFO202 external sound card instead. Again, Foobar / Wine is happy to use this once the Behringer is selected in Foobar 'preferences'. Web-based sound is now available via the PC's internal Realtek sound card only and I can't find any advice on the forum that works to alter this.

When I open 'sound settings' the Output box is blank and I get a message stating that 'no application is currently playing audio' though my ears tell me otherwise! (I think this might be caused by Pulse Audio's absence)

Please help

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