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In my Ubuntu 13.04 I was messing around with the network connections without creating backups. Now I have done something to the network after which the Network Manager isn't showing up at top right. I use ppp and when I run the command sudo pppoeconf it runs perfectly but it doesn’t connect to the Internet. To connect, I opened another account in Ubuntu and I can connect easily through that account. I used these commands in my older account as far as I recall:

airodump-ng wlan0
airodump-ng eth0

Is there any way to reset the network configuration to the initial installation state?

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I struggled with a similar problem, and I stumbled on this. It solved my problem pretty fast.

I first went to /etc/NetworkManager/ where I found the file NetworkManager.conf, then disabled Network Manager with this command:

sudo service network-manager stop

Then I opened NetworkManager.conf with the nano text editor:

sudo nano NetworkManager.conf

and changed ifupdown managed=false to ifupdown managed=true

then restarted the Network manager using this:

sudo service network-manager start

And that's it!

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