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There seems to be a stunning variety of ways to create a bridge which I can use as a cheep 360 wireless thing. All 3 of the ways I tried led to unresolved hostnames... -I highly suspect this is a router/firewall problem, but I could have done a million wrong things.

This bridge should give incoming eth0 connections access to the wlan0's internet (and vice-versa), I am using another computer in place of the Xbox for testing.

Ubuntu has a "share with network" tool, but all I could find in KDE was a "share" and a "link-local", I could not find anything about them and they did not seem to be auto-bridging.

I previously tried this way, however I got confused with the dhclient commands, as all they did was leave the console stuck there doing whatever command I ran.

Now, I decided to use this method instead, and it is what my computer currently is set up with (I accidentally performed the un-corrected step3), tips on reversing this would be helpful if we are going with another way).

The test rig is set-up with manual ipv4 settings, the IP and gateway are, DNS blank, and everything else default/blank.

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