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I'm sharing my WiFi Internet connection through my Ethernet port on my Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04. I have a router hooked up to my Ethernet port so it's easier to hook up my other devices. The connection is working fine and my devices can get online.

Here's my problem. I'm feeding my Laptop and my Router into a VPN connection so I can access the Internet securely and access the Remote Network Resources. My devices are connecting to the net fine and are registering as being from the remote location when I check my IP. However my devices can't see the Remote Network resources at all. Normally when connected to my VPN typing brings up the Remote Router but now it's bringing up the page of the Local WiFi network my Laptop is connected to.

I think the problem might relate to the command I was instructed to use in order to get the router talking to my Laptop. I followed the steps HERE to set up the sharing. The command it tells me to run is:

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE

I think this command somehow messed up the routing of the VPN so now only the Web requests are being properly routed. Does anybody know how to correct this issue so that all my devices connections are being properly redirected through the VPN?

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