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I just installed Lubuntu 13.04 32bit on my old pc via "alternative method". I used to use bluetooth PAN for connecting to internet on the same pc running windows xp. Now as I installed lubuntu I expected I'll have no trouble connecting to the internet using bluetooth PAN. But things don't seem right. When I connect my phone to PAN the lubuntu bluetooth manager shows that it is connected but the lubuntu network manager shows I'm disconnected! when I used Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on that same pc with same dongle I did'nt have any problem. But after installing Lubuntu 13.04 I only can connect to internet using USB tethering. But I want to use the bluetooth to connect to internet (because the phone I use to tether belongs to me while my dad will be using the computer and his phone has problems in USB tethering). I tried 2 different alternatives in bluetooth. The DUN connection and Group Ad-hoc but Dial up connection showed error in connecting while the ad-hoc shows same problem like PAN. I need an urgent solution as I chose Lubuntu as the only OS for that pc.The bluetooth detects phones normally!

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