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In 12.04, I was able to create a script in the ~.gnome2/nautilus-scripts folder and it was available when I 'right click'.

I have a script that creates a folder structure for new customers:

mkdir Documents
mkdir Documents/Customer
mkdir Documents/Lics
mkdir Documents/%MyCompanyName%
mkdir Documents/%MyCompanyName%/Quotes
mkdir Documents/Mfg
mkdir Documents/Deliverable
mkdir Documents/Validations
mkdir Configs
mkdir Configs/Sites
mkdir Configs/worksheets
mkdir Configs/Backups
mkdir Configs/Logs
mkdir Caps
mkdir Diagrams
mkdir Diagrams/Screenshots
mkdir Diagrams/Visio
mkdir Scripts

I would create a folder under a "clients" folder (customerA) containing the project I was working on that day (or week). I would then open the folder, right-click on the open space and choose the scripts, 'mktree' script. It would populate each customer file with all the necessary folders.

I can no longer do this in 13.04. Well, maybe I can but have not figured it out. I saw some threads about scripts on a file or folder but not white space.

This not only keeps me organized but also is easy to run a rsync to backup "certain" customer data to our server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It has been reported as a bug... no walk arround so far (let me know if you find one).

But you can click on the client's folder instead and pass it as an argument to the script using nautilus-scripts variables and modify your script to create the subfolders on it.Whenever a script is called, Nautilus automatically sets a handful of variables that can be used in your scripts.

NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS - newline-delimited paths for selected files (only if local)

NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_URIS - newline-delimited URIs for selected files


NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_WINDOW_GEOMETRY - position and size of current window

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