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I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.04. I received the following messages:

Message 1:

You must be a member of the "mythtv" group before starting any mythtv applications.  
Would you like to automatically be added to the group?  
(Note: sudo access required)

Message 2:

[Please enter your current login password to be added to the mythtv group]

When I enter my login password there is a pause, and the I get the message:

[Incorrect password.....Try again]

After 3 tries I get the message:

[Failed to run adduser 'david' 'mythtv' as user root. Wrong password]
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The 'Failed to run ... as user root' is suspicious - I wonder if mythtv is using gksu under the hood and it's set to su mode instead of sudo mode? Have you tried running gksu-properties in a terminal and making sure the authentication mode is set to sudo? – steeldriver Jul 31 '13 at 18:59

I had the same problem. The workaround is to do this manually - using the command:

sudo usermod -a G mythtv <userid>

(<userid> being your particular user login)

Use the following command to confirm the change:

id <userid>

You will need to restart/reboot to then successfully run mythtv

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Many thanks for this information. However,there is a typo. Code should read: sudo usermod -a -G mythtv <userid> As a further gotcha, MythTv proceeds to ask for permission to stop the backend, then displays a dialogue box stating: "Please enter your current login password to stop mythtv-backend." The only way I have been able to proceed is by leaving the password field blank. My login password is rejected. – Robert Peake Jul 31 '13 at 18:33

I just installed mythtv and had the same issue.

Steeldriver had the solution in a comment. Run gksu-properties and change the mode from su to sudo. This worked for me to fix the issue where it would not accept my password to stop/start the backend.

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