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Is it like we have release machine in maas then just do jitsu deploy-to "machine name" "service name" ?

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The Juju-Jitsu project is at this point depracated. The project is essentially un-maintained and doesn't work with juju-core (juju > 1.0). However, if you're using juju-core, you can use the --force-machine options during deploy to point the service to a machine. In the coming months support for containerization will land allowing you to more safely co-locate services on the same machine.

juju deploy --force-machine 0 wordpress

If you're using juju 0.7 still, you can use jitsu to co-locate services using the following syntax

jitsu deploy-to 0 wordpress

In both examples 0 is the machine number you're trying to deploy to.

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You can deploy several charm on the same machine with jitsu depoy-to indeed.

The first argument is not the machine name though, it's the machine id.

You can get the machine id in the output of juju status: it start with all the machine in the "machines" section. It contain aussi the id of the machine each unit runs on (the integer next to the "machine: " line).

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but in order to deploy new charm , i will need to release machine with is already installed with some other charm right? Coz in order to install new charm i will need to have maas machine in "reday" state – SaM Jul 18 '13 at 11:57
No, you an jitsu deploy-to on an allocated machine (that s the whole point of it). As marco is saying in the above answer, if you are using juju-core, things will be different. – Pierre Jul 18 '13 at 12:55

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