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I am trying to compile a program on Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS), but the following error keeps resulting:

evensteven@pc:~/Desktop/MimoComplexLdpc$ make all
cd ./src; make;
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/evensteven/Desktop/MimoComplexLdpc/src'
g++-3 -Wall -DMV_VECTOR_BOUNDS_CHECK -g '-DCOMPLEX=complex<double>' -include ostream.h     
-Wno-deprecated -fpermissive  -I../include -I../mv/include  -c
make[1]: g++-3: Command not found
make[1]: *** [compcol_double.o] Error 127
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/evensteven/Desktop/MimoComplexLdpc/src'
make: *** [sp] Error 2

At first, I figured it wasn't finding the g++-3 compiler, so I looked, and saw that it was not installed. I went ahead and installed it, as seen below:

evensteven@pc:~$ dpkg -l | grep gcc
ii  gcc                                          4:4.6.3-1ubuntu5                                 GNU C compiler
ii  gcc-3.3                                      1:3.3.6-15ubuntu6                                The GNU C compiler
ii  gcc-3.3-base                                 1:3.3.6-15ubuntu6                                The GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
ii  gcc-3.4                                      3.4.6-6ubuntu5                                   The GNU C compiler
ii  gcc-3.4-base                                 3.4.6-6ubuntu5                                   The GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
ii  gcc-4.6                                      4.6.3-1ubuntu5                                   GNU C compiler
ii  gcc-4.6-base                                 4.6.3-1ubuntu5                                   GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection (base package)
ii  libgcc1                                      1:4.6.3-1ubuntu5                                 GCC support library
evensteven@pc:~$ dpkg -l | grep g++
ii  g++                                          4:4.6.3-1ubuntu5                                 GNU C++ compiler
ii  g++-3.3                                      1:3.3.6-15ubuntu6                                The GNU C++ compiler
ii  g++-3.4                                      3.4.6-6ubuntu5                                   The GNU C++ compiler
ii  g++-4.6                                      4.6.3-1ubuntu5                                   GNU C++ compiler

Even with these changes, the same error as above results. I took a look at the makefile.def file and saw that it was calling gcc-3 and g++-3 specifically:

# g++ v. 2.6.3
CCC             = g++-3
#CCC            = g++
CC              = gcc-3
#CC             = gcc   

Changing the makefile.def so that gcc-3 and g++-3 read gcc-3.3 and g++-3.3 (or gcc-3.4 or g++-3.4 for that matter), the following error occurs:

In file included from /usr/include/c++/3.3/iosfwd:48,
             from /usr/include/c++/3.3/ios:44,
             from /usr/include/c++/3.3/ostream:45,
             from /usr/include/c++/3.3/iostream:45,
             from /usr/include/c++/3.3/backward/iostream.h:32,
             from /usr/include/c++/3.3/backward/ostream.h:32,
             from <command line>:8:
/usr/include/c++/3.3/bits/stringfwd.h:54: error: syntax error before `<' token
/usr/include/c++/3.3/bits/stringfwd.h:58: error: explicit specialization in non-namespace scope `int toupper_l(...)'
/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux-gnu/3.3.6/include/stddef.h:151: confused by earlier errors, bailing out
make[1]: *** [compcol_double.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/evensteven/Desktop/MimoComplexLdpc/src'
make: *** [sp] Error 2

Any idea what may be causing these errors? Thank you in advanced for helping.

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Can you provide a link to what you are trying to compile? – Salem Jul 18 '13 at 13:39
Unfortunately, I am trying to compile code that is part of proprietary software and cannot link to it. If it is of any help, the code does compile on Cygwin and run correctly. – Even Steven Jul 19 '13 at 6:35

Try installing g++ from following command:

sudo apt-get install build-install g++

I was getting same kind of error when I was trying to installl Node.js

I installed g++ by above command.

And finally I was able to install the software

Hope this works. Comment if further help required.

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