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I am looking for a tool or a way to minify (similar to Compress my code and this question on Stack) all of the code in my .xml, .css, .html and .js files through Ubuntu's terminal. Eventually I will bash script the process, but at the moment I would like to just find something to test. Is there a tool out there that I can use to compress all these file formats through the terminal?

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Have you tried something like tar -czvf compressed.tar.gz *.xml *.css *.html *.php ? –  roadmr Jul 17 '13 at 14:52
I am looking to compress the code itself. Something like CSS Minify –  Matt Jul 17 '13 at 15:10
Then I think you're not asking for compression. By compression on regular files (non-media like music/videos) we mostly only consider lossless compression, but you're looking for a way to minimize the whitespace (in which you lose this data). And because minifying is lossy, you can't decompress (because it's not reversible). To me this makes it "unclear what you're asking". –  gertvdijk Jul 17 '13 at 15:31

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This is not the best option but it's probably the easiest. The YUI compressor was long thought to be the best compressor for Javascript and CSS, offering 20-40% improvements over other minifiers.

It has since been superseded by newer projects like Uglify.JS (which Grunt will probably suggest) but it's still a fairly easy thing to get up and running in Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install yui-compressor

That's it. Now you can run yui-compressor myfile.js and it'll do its magic, just not as well, or as conveniently as a properly install Node/Grunt/Uglify+YUI stack.

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Not everyone who uses js or css is using node.js or doing node.js projects. It is yet another framework to learn and configure if you want to use grunt. Yes grunt is cool. But now-a-days, we already have enough to learn before we can even start coding. So node/grunt is not always convenient. :) I myself am going to try your suggestion of yui-compressor. –  BillR Sep 28 at 7:06

I would recommend using Grunt.js. It's an automation tool that has minifiers available as plugins and can be run in your terminal via Node.js. It should not be necessary to minify PHP as the code executes on the server side and only its HTML output is sent to the client.

You can find available plugins here

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There is no reason to minify php files (except you have very limited disk space and want to use every bit of it).

If you could add a goal (What do you want to accomplish and why?), somebody might show you a better way.

JS and CSS files are minified on runtime and cached in most webprojects. There is minify (https://github.com/mrclay/minify), a php "library" which is able to do exactly this. (can also be executed with php from the terminal)

But keep in mind that one big javascript file does not necessary load faster than 5 small files. If you need a reason and a solution for this statement, take a look at http://headjs.com/

May the source be with you...

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