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I could not install my modem driver so I have to update and install applications offline. For this I want to use keryx but to install keryx, Python and wxPython have to be installed first. So how do I install Python and wxPython offiline on Ubuntu 13.04?

Note : I don't have internet connection in Ubuntu. So I'll have to download the required file from my Windows 7.

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Generally, installing packages offline is well... drama. You can download the .deb files from, but you have to be very careful. You should also download and install all dependencies, which can be tens and even hundreds for some packages. Normally, sudo apt-get install [package_name] does this all for you automatically, but doing it manually is a hell of a job.

That said: Base Python is installed by default on Ubuntu. wxPython is downloadable here, but be sure to first download and install all dependencies.

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Thanks for your response . I already installed python now i am looking for a guid line to install wxPython . Note: I am using Ubuntu 13.04 32-bit – Redwanul Karim Jul 17 '13 at 18:07

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