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I got a VPS from weloveservers.net yesterday, and it cannot ping any IP address, and I cannot use the apt-get and wget commands. After trying to figure out the problem for a while, I found that the network interfaces eth0 and eth1 are not configured. To make matters worse, bash cannot find the 'auto' command. I looked online and found that you mey need to edit /etc/network/interfaces or something, but there is an error saying that "Permission is denied" when I try entering '/etc/network/interfaces' into the remote console. I have full root access. It seems that the VPS provider installed something other than default Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. For all I know, I may have Ubuntu Server installed, or some crazy, unheard-of OS. So is there a way to configure the eth0/eth1 network interface properly? If you're wondering how I can access the remote console, I think that the control panel program directly communicates with the server.

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