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I installed some fonts (mingliu.ttc) by putting them in ~/.fonts/

The font is visible in other applications (such as Abiword & Firefox).

But it does not appear in the font menu of LibreOffice. When I type the font name manually, the characters display as squares.

How can I install the font for LibreOffice?

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That's weird. I just tried with the same font (mingliu.ttc) and it worked fine in LibreOffice on Ubuntu 10.10.

There might be a problem with your font cache.

Try running sudo fc-cache -f -v. This will rebuild the cache.

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I deleted ~/.fontconfig manually and run fc-cache again.It works now. – user13030 Mar 27 '11 at 3:43

I had similar font problems with LibreOffice Version and lubuntu 15.04. I checked the permission of the font files in /usr/share/fonts/ folder, changed the permission from 600 to 744, and used the terminal command "sudo fc-cache -fv". It solved my problems, therefore, ownership of the font can be a cause of the problem.

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My version of libreoffice does not "see" True Type Collection (.ttc) fonts. So I had to break open the collection like this: 1. install Fontforge through the Ubuntu Software app. 2. right click the .ttc file and open with Fontforge. 3. you will be asked to choose which of the fonts in the collection you want to choose, pick anyone. 4. next step select "Generate fonts" and in the drop down menu select True Type and save. You wil get a .ttf 5. start again to convert the other members of the collection and then install them all the normal way and they do appear in libreoffice (as one)

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